Introducing David Goodwin
Crazy Dave Goodwin, also know as 'The Crashman', is the brains behind REVOLUTION STUNTS, Dave is a proffessional Stuntman and adrenalin seeker for TV/Film and Live Action Shows.
Dave was born in Manchester, England and started driving when he was only 7 years old. He used to drive around his Grandads farm where he taught himself basic precision driving. In his teens Dave started racing auto-grass and stock karts but never gave up on his childhood dream of becoming a Stuntman….
After watching the 'Monster Truck Show' at Heaton Park in 1990 Dave was determined to secure himself a place on their team. 12 months down the line, Dave finally found a position on the team became available. He got his first job in the show as the 'Battering Ram'. This involved lying on the bonnet of a car and being driven head first through a wall of fire.
 Since that day Dave has never looked back. He proved himself to be good at the Battering Ram so decided to move on to car crashes. In 1996 he moved to another show in order to further his skills. He joined the 'Monster Action Stunt Display Team' which was run by Stunt Coordinator 'Steve Street Griffiths' who was the Stunt Coordinator for the film 'Titanic'. His work with 'Steve Street (Griffin)' also helped Dave work alongside other shows like the 'Hollywood Stunt Show' and the 'International Thrill Show'. He was trained by Steve in some big crashes like the 'T-Bone' which is the most feared crash in the stunt business. All of Dave’s crashes ARE WITHOUT roll cages and in standard cars. Dave is also trained in precision driving and fire stunts like the 'Human Torch', which involves setting himself alight and running around the arena. Dave has toured all around the UK and Europe.
Dave is now the UK's number 1 Crashman, Fire Stunt Specialist and Monster Truck Driver, he is the only UK precision driver to perform on grass. Dave has performed on the film 'Skin Traffik' (UK version 'A Hitman in London') starring Darryl Hannah, Mickey Rouke, and Eric Roberts. Dave performed all the car stunts for the film. There is more film work planned for 2017 as Stunt Co-ordinator and Stunt Driver.
In 2015 alone Dave completed 91 shows combining 214 crashes, Precision Driving, Fire Stunts and Driver of 'The Bandit' and 'The Slaine' Monster Trucks.   The season culminated with a Triple Car Roll, a T-Bone Crash and he has put cars into parking spaces we can only dream about!
The start of 2016 saw Dave (Revolution) performing with 'Dantes Stunt Team' to perform at the 'Moto GP' in Assen Holland.
Dave has just performed at one of the biggest UK modified car shows..... 'Modified Nationals' covering 17 stunts in one show ranging from fire to crashes.
Also Dave has recently completed a Summer Stunt Tour with 'Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show'.
In 2018 David drove a BMW into the back of a bus to land inside it for an event in Belgium,
'Revolution Stunts' has been enhanced with the addition of Various Fire Stunts, Quad Stunts Bigger Car Crash Shows, A Stunt Grandad Act on his high powered Mobility Scooter and The silly Stunt Clown 'Danno'